Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room

Jeff Bezos, CEO Amazon 

For many businesses, designing and implementation of an integrated branding strategy often are being given a back seat. However, research reveals that the strong brand of a business, organization, or professional automatically can be automatically translate into higher profits. That is why investing in this field undoubtedly ensures a huge competitive advantage. 

Before we start building a company's brand, we need to have a clear goal. We need to know what exactly we want to achieve. Once we are aware of the goal, all that remains is the strategy that will lead us to this achievement. So let's take a look at the 5 basic steps of "smart" branding, which we must follow if we want to get to the top!


Step 1: research & analysis

Each person has his/her own unique fingerprint. Likewise, in order to make your stand out must be competitive, advocate something, and create specific emotions, thoughts and connotations. If we want to achieve this, we need to start with a proper market research & analysis and answer some basic questions:

  • Do clients recognize our brand?
  • What is market’s perception for us?
  • Is our brand competitive to the clients?
  • Do the clients find similarities between our brand and other brands?

Market research will help us answer these questions and get the feedback we need to proceed to the next steps.


Step 2: Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Our brand is our promise to our customer. Thus, it's important to develop a unique trademark that gives a unique selling proposition to customers and partners.

Maybe we should think why our customers will choose us in terms of competition. Are our products more reliable? Do our products have a longer lifespan? Or are they more affordable? In many industries, such as fashion, furniture or processed products, unique design can be a key factor for diversifying.


Step 3: Storytelling and creation of an emotional connection

It is said that Isaac Newton had thoughts of how gravity works when suddenly a "rotten" apple fell on his head. Everyone knows this story - even if they are not able to (or they are not interested) fully understand the "law of gravity". In other words, people don't need to know much about our product or services. The most important is our product or service to be connected to a story and make this story special that will awake such unique emotions to be spread by word of mouth.

In the same way, the effectiveness of an already powerful brand can be significantly improved if the brand also manages to create an emotional connection with the final recipient.

According to psychologists who have found that the 90% of communication is nonverbal, one of the most basic ways to unlock specific emotions is to use colors and music. For example, when using red color a sense of urgency is created; green is indicated for environmental issues while there are brands that have «branded» the musical notes played at the end of their TV advertisings.


Step 4: Design, strategy & implementation

Once we understand the needs of the market, find out what differentiates us, and create an exciting story, we plan how to lunch our brand. We therefore create a business strategy based on our resources, needs and goals. A realistic but also optimistic plan.

Then, once the business has developed an effective branding strategy and corporate identity, it must be implemented consistently through every touchpoint with the customer, including advertising, marketing operations, communication and public relations, etc.

This is the case of "the greatest idea is the one that works best". Sometimes, you need to experiment. In Packitup, we give customers the opportunity to customize the packaging by themselves, to use their logo, text and colors - and finally receive the packaging right away, without restrictions on pieces and shipping costs! This means that customers can create new promotional materials bearing their own stamp, gifts for their affiliates that make a great first impression and packaging that offer to their customers a unique experience.


Step 5: preserving and enhancing

Many companies are perfectly developing their brand as marketing artists and then for a variety of reasons due to lack of interest or lack of budget,what they have organized is tiring out. But apart from keeping up with the plan, branding is constantly in need of new ideas, surprises, clear minds and creative craziness. In Packitup we have everything you need!

Follow these 5 basic steps for «smart» branding and create your own identity with the help of Packitup. 

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