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Roll up banner

Single-sided floor stand with a special wrap mechanism inside the base. Ideal solution for exhibitions, events, conferences. Easy transport and assembly. Fabric transfer case is included. Printing Material: canvas (PVC).

Rollup banner

Dimension Printable Area


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If you have a ready-made logo or artwork you can upload it here or you can write us any comment you want so that we can make it for you. completely free the artwork

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ROLL UP BANNER FOR A Proper company presentation

More and more companies are choosing to place roll up banners in their offices or in their areas of activity. There are many reasons for this, with the most important being the proper promotion of their brand. A well-designed banner can convey the philosophy, values, and mission of the firm to the visitor. It can also inform about upcoming actions, events, new products/services and much more. The modern entrepreneur considers the roll up banner as a powerful marketing tool which can significantly contribute to brand awareness!

Ideal for events/exhibitions

Roll up banner is an integral part of an event or an exhibition. Regardless of the content of the event, a roll up banner is necessary to inform attendees but also to promote the action. Also, a multipurpose space which hosts different events at the same time can use banners to inform the public in which room each event takes place.

ROLL UP BANNER WITH Excellent printING quality

Printing on the roll up banner is a key point in the overall look and feel of our brand/event. The print design you will choose must be perfectly rendered and in every detail. At Packitup we ensure that all the technical features required for perfect printing are available. Our team of packaging experts is at your disposal every day to help you design the perfect roll up banner.


A roll up banner can have unlimited uses. Placing it in a space can be for either advertising or information purposes.
They are very easy to assemble. You just unfold the banner from its base and then fix it by placing the metal rod on the back of the mechanism. If you need any additional clarification our team is at your disposal.
You can buy just the banner at the following link
Of course, at Packitup we undertake the design of your products completely free of charge. For each product you buy, our packaging experts designers can make up to 3 different artworks for you.
Once you have selected the dimension you want, you can click on the button "printable area" and the sides and the dimension per side that we can print the specific product will be displayed.
We bear the cost of printing and there is no additional printing cost for you (cliché, mold, etc.)
Product’s technical characteristics cannot be differentiated. However, you can find similar products in the categories with different features that could meet your needs.
Available dimensions cannot be differentiated. If you are looking for a specific dimension that you cannot find in our e-shop you can contact Packitup packaging experts to help you.
Once you have registered and paid for your order, the next working day our designers will prepare the artworks for you and will send them to the email address you provided when entering your details.
The color of the product cannot be differentiated. If you are looking for a specific product color that you cannot find in our e-shop you can contact Packitup packaging experts to help you.
The printable area of the products is predefined and cannot be differentiated. However, you can contact Packitup packaging experts’ team and they will help you with possible alternatives.
Of course, packaging is an important marketing tool for modern businesses and can be used to display plenty of information. Our designers can help you design the product based on your needs.

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