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Gro ribbon with 1 color printing

Gro ribbon 1.5cm with embossed silkprinting of 1 side (1 color).

Ribbon gro 1.5cm white colour
Ribbon gro 1.5cm black colour
Ribbon gro 1.5cm beige colour
Ribbon gro 1.5cm yellow colour
Ribbon gro 1.5cm purple colour
Ribbon gro 1.5cm blue colour
Ribbon gro 1.5cm pink salmon colour
Ribbon gro 1.5cm bright green colour
Ribbon gro 1.5cm fuchsia colour
Ribbon gro 1.5cm gold colour

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Undoubtedly, an embossed ribbon creates a sensation of elegant uniqueness and gives prestige to our packaging. Adding a ribbon to a package whether it is intended as a gift or not, steals the show and contributes significantly to improving the unboxing experience. Together with the group packaging experts of Packitup you can create the perfect ribbon that will take your packaging off the ground!


The embossed printing of the ribbon gives prestige and elegance to the packaging of both our physical and online store. It is very important that the information that we choose to include on the ribbon is imprinted with high aesthetics and quality in order to impress the final recipient. The uniqueness and prestige of embossed silk screen printing is the ideal solution to achieve this! At Packitup we ensure the existence of all technical features required for a perfect printing.


The ribbon is the first touchpoint of the customer with the packaging of the product bought, and for this reason we must pay attention to every detail. From the colour of the ribbon to the colour of the printing, everything must be carefully selected to give the look & feel of our brand . A minimal brand can not design a fancy ribbon that has nothing to do with its aesthetics. At Packitup we have a huge range of ribbons and print colours for every need and every company!


Both ribbons are elegant and sophisticated choices with perfect printing. The final decision lies in each brand’s aesthetics.
Ribbons are a key element of the unboxing experience and should accompany both your physical store’s and e-shop’s packaging.
Ribbons do not have to be in the same color as the rest of packaging. For more tips on the harmony of your packaging colors you can contact Packitup packaging experts’ team.
Of course, at Packitup we undertake the design of your products completely free of charge. For each product you buy, our packaging experts designers can make up to 3 different artworks for you.
Once you have selected the dimension you want, you can click on the button "printable area" and the sides and the dimension per side that we can print the specific product will be displayed.
We bear the cost of printing and there is no additional printing cost for you (cliché, mold, etc.)
Product’s technical characteristics cannot be differentiated. However, you can find similar products in the categories with different features that could meet your needs.
Available dimensions cannot be differentiated. If you are looking for a specific dimension that you cannot find in our e-shop you can contact Packitup packaging experts to help you.
Once you have registered and paid for your order, the next working day our designers will prepare the artworks for you and will send them to the email address you provided when entering your details.
The color of the product cannot be differentiated. If you are looking for a specific product color that you cannot find in our e-shop you can contact Packitup packaging experts to help you.
The printable area of the products is predefined and cannot be differentiated. However, you can contact Packitup packaging experts’ team and they will help you with possible alternatives.
Of course, packaging is an important marketing tool for modern businesses and can be used to display plenty of information. Our designers can help you design the product based on your needs.

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