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NFC Acrylic Table Stand

NFC table stands, available in two sizes, offer the most direct, fast, and reliable way to increase your business reviews on platforms like Google, Facebook, or TripAdvisor

NFC Table Display
NFC Flat Acrylic Table Stand

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If you have a ready-made logo or artwork you can upload it here or you can write us any comment you want so that we can make it for you. completely free the artwork

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"Touch and Go" NFC

An amazing way to share your professional details with others easily and quickly using NFC technology. NFC cards make distributing your professional information much easier, saving time and making communication more efficient.

NFC Table Stand

Table Stand, you can effortlessly enhance customer engagement and streamline feedback collection. This groundbreaking digital device is indispensable for contemporary businesses seeking to harness technology's potential in client interaction. Meticulously crafted, it is designed to elevate your brand presence. Elevate your company's reputation management strategy by embracing the future of customer engagement and witnessing technology in action.

Benefits of the Touch and Go NFC card and Table Stand

Ease of Use: Both are simple and easy to use. Users simply need to touch the card or table stand with their smartphone to access and review your business on Google. They are effective tools for improving online presence, increasing customer trust, and boosting sales for businesses. Enhanced Online Presence: By collecting more reviews, these tools strengthen your business's presence online, which is critical for attracting potential customers. Increased Customer Trust: Positive reviews build trust between your business and customers, leading to repeat purchases. Efficiency: Customers who interact with the card or touch the table stand are more likely to leave a review, increasing the number of reviews for your business. Customization: You can customize both the card and table stand by adding your logo, contact information, and other relevant details. Variety of Options: Colorful printing allows you to choose what best suits the aesthetics and branding of your business.


Of course, at Packitup we undertake the design of your products completely free of charge. For each product you buy, our packaging experts designers can make up to 3 different artworks for you.
Once you have selected the dimension you want, you can click on the button "printable area" and the sides and the dimension per side that we can print the specific product will be displayed.
We bear the cost of printing and there is no additional printing cost for you (cliché, mold, etc.)
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Available dimensions cannot be differentiated. If you are looking for a specific dimension that you cannot find in our e-shop you can contact Packitup packaging experts to help you.
Once you have registered and paid for your order, the next working day our designers will prepare the artworks for you and will send them to the email address you provided when entering your details.
The color of the product cannot be differentiated. If you are looking for a specific product color that you cannot find in our e-shop you can contact Packitup packaging experts to help you.
The printable area of the products is predefined and cannot be differentiated. However, you can contact Packitup packaging experts’ team and they will help you with possible alternatives.
Of course, packaging is an important marketing tool for modern businesses and can be used to display plenty of information. Our designers can help you design the product based on your needs.

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