NFC technology entered our lives in the early 21st century but only began to be widely used in the everyday lives of millions of people around the world in recent years. You might know it as a way for easy and quick payments via mobile phone, but it is equally effective when integrated into products.

What is NFC technology?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range wireless communication technology that allows data exchange between two devices in close proximity. Its range is short, about 4 centimeters, making it ideal for use in product packaging.

How does NFC technology work in products?

By passing their mobile phone over the packaging that has an NFC tag, your customers gain access to a new, unlimited world of content. The type of content depends on your business goals or the needs you want to serve at different times, as well as the products you offer to consumers. Through an NFC tag, you have the opportunity to redirect your customers to your website (thus increasing website traffic), refer them to Google My Business to leave a positive review (thus strengthening your brand name), guide them to your social media to follow you (thus building a stronger community). Additionally, you can invite them to contests or make special offers and discounts. Apart from these uses, NFC technology also serves the need to build strong bonds with your customers by creating personalized experiences.

Let’s look at some examples:

If you are in the fashion industry, NFC technology allows you to showcase other alternative combinations that customers can wear with the garment they have purchased, discover styling tips from experts, or add to their cart other products that complement what they have already bought. If you have an electronics store, through the NFC tag, you can display a series of How-To videos (unboxing, product activation, usage suggestions, etc.). Additionally, you can provide safety instructions for the products and showcase similar products for future purchases. NFC technology is also particularly useful in sports goods stores as it offers the opportunity to provide useful tips from expert trainers, workout suggestions, nutrition tips, and more.

What is the benefit for businesses?

Data Collection:

NFC technology can be used to collect data on how consumers interact with the products to optimize them.

Sales Boost:

It serves as an additional effective communication channel either through direct promotional actions or by building relationships with existing customers who will become your loyal audience.

NFC vs QR Code

NFC technology may remind you of QR codes, which some of you might already be using, but there are significant differences.

Ease of Use:

NFC is easier to use than QR codes as no app installation is required. The consumer simply touches the NFC tag with their smartphone.


NFC is faster than QR codes as data exchange happens in fractions of a second.


NFC is considered more secure than QR codes as its range is short and data exchange is encrypted.

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